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Welcome to the Understanding Company!

The founder of  Terry Hill Realty saw a need to educate both Real Estate Agents and the general public.  Home buyers and sellers often get a quick glance and a brief description of the listing or purchasing contract they are about to sign.  Not knowing the whole picture before hand can actually hurt later in loss of money and feelings.

Terry Hill Realty gives seminars to the public covering many different issues that arise in a typical real estate transaction.  Issues include, but are not limited to, pricing, surveys, decorating to sell, landscaping, insurance, inspections, and mortgages.  

Too often people work with a real estate agent they know or are good friends with - only to lose that person as a friend later because of hurt feelings.  Legal contracts are complicated and should be read fully before signing.  If there is the slightest question about something  you should talk to an attorney.  

Terry Hill